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Welcome Campground Owners and Managers

Campground Affiliation Program

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Why affiliate with Passport America?

  • Free Advertising with your parks ad listed in our annual International Camping Directory that goes out to over 100,000 active cardholders!
  • Increase revenue from what would have been empty sites
  • Membership Certificate of Affiliation
  • Campground member sign, for your park
  • Free Brochure distribution and promotion of your park at RV Shows and rallies all across America that we attend. (please send us your park brochures - optional)
  • Free advertisement on our world wide website at with links to your website.
  • Free online subscription to RV America Magazine and much more.
  • Free trip routing for your RV Park

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

At Passport America we seek out quality campgrounds to participate in our Free and Simple program. Each campground continues to operate as it has in the past. You may affiliate for free with Passport America by offering your 'unused' sites to our cardholders on a space available basis only. You charge our Passport America cardholders half (50%) of your regular rate. This rate will be published in our International Camping Directory which goes out to over 100,000 members each year. You earn revenue on a site that would have been sitting empty. You also have the option to customize our program around your campgrounds needs. Please feel free to call us about any question you may have at 1.800.681.6810. We'll be more than happy to talk with you.

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How much does it cost for me to affiliate my park with Passport America?

It's Free! There is absolutely no fee to receive all the benefits of the Passport America Campground Participation Program.

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How do I affiliate my park with Passport America?

Simple! There are several ways to affiliate your park.

  • 1. Sign My Park up NOW Online.
  • 2. Call 1.800.681.6810 and request a new park info packet.
  • 2. If you already have a new park info packet please mail info/agreement to:
Passport America
5713 Hwy 85 North
Crestview, FL 32536
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How long will it take for me to receive my affiliate packet?

Once your agreement is received and approved, Passport America will mail an affiliate packet within two weeks.

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Do I have to change the way I do business to accommodate Passport America members?

Each Passport America Participating Campground continues to operate as it has in the past. Simply provide a 50% discount off your REGULAR NIGHTLY RATE on a SPACE AVAILABILITY BASIS. You may accept reservations for Passport America cardholders or simply accept them on a drive-up accommodation basis. Passport America is easily customizable to your campground's business needs. At Passport America we are dedicated to your parks success.

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Am I obligated to give a 50% discount off of my already discounted weekly and monthly rates?

NO! The 50% discount for Passport America Cardholders applies only to your REGULAR NIGHTLY RATE. Weekly and monthly rates are usually already discounted. Providing a Passport America 50% discount on your weekly and monthly rates would be considered double discounting. You may provide a discount on these already- discounted rates if you wish, however Passport America does not obligate you to do so.

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How often is a new Passport America International Directory printed?

Passport America International Camping Directories are published and ready for distribution to members and participating campgrounds by January of each year. In order to insure your information will be included in the next edition of the directory, please make sure that your new agreement is sent to Passport America by August.

Rest assured new parks that affiliate after the printing of the International Directory will be advertised to Passport America members via the online RV America Magazine and through new park updates listed on our website. New parks automatically receive a full advertisement in our campground directory online.

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Will I receive a proof copy of my Passport America International Camping Directory page listing before it is printed?

Yes! Each year, approximately two months prior to the publishing date, you will be sent a copy of your Passport America International Camping Directory Ad. This gives you the opportunity to update and change your information prior to printing. All information will go to the publisher "as is" if no changes are received.

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How many of my park's brochures should I send to Passport America for the FREE Brochure distribution?

You can send any number of your park's brochures to Passport America for FREE distribution at all RV Shows and Rallies across the US that Passport America attends. Simply mail your brochures to: 5713 Hwy 85 North, Crestview, FL 32536 USA.

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How do I know that a camper is a Passport America member?

Every Passport America member is supplied with an ID Card or membership number if they have not received their permanent membership materials. Simply check the member's ID card for name and valid date or call to validate their membership number. Do not hesitate calling our office toll free (800) 681-6810 if you have any questions regarding a member's ID Card.

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